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Features to Get Results
Daily Macro Plan
Just answer a few simple questions and Macro Genius will create a custom macro plan tailored to your body and goals. The best part about tracking macros with Macro Genius is that YOU choose what to eat. Our nutrition data comes directly from the USDA and contains common whole foods and generic ingredients (with plans for expansion).
Nutrition Coach Chat
Every subscription includes the ability to chat with a nutritionist! If you have any questions you can chat with a coach at any time right inside the app.We're here to support you during your journey.
Nutrition Timing
Time your meals based on when you workout so you have the right amount of carbs, protein and fats at the right time of the day to optimize your workouts.
Grocery List
If you plan ahead, Macro Genius can automatically create a grocery list for any number of days. The next time you step into the market, you'll know exactly what and how much to buy. No more waste!
Progress Tracker
It's normal for body weight to fluctuate on a daily basis, but seeing your weight go up and down can lead to unnecessary frustration. As you track your weight, Macro Genius will create a progress chart with a trend line to help you see the bigger picture.
Adjust Settings
As you progress, your plan will adapt so that you will continue to see results. Change your goal at any time and your plan will update immediately.
Facebook Group
A community to share recipes, tips and helpful encouragement to lift each other up. We're all in this together!
Free Updates
We continue to update the app regularly with feedback from our customers. No need to pay for upgrades, all updates are FREE and automatic.
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